Increase your
pick-up & delivery revenue!


So, What Makes Us Different?


ACH payment on your preferred frequency


More orders means more turns-per-day & less idle machines


Make a schedule that fits with your current routes.


Capture more people seeking laundry service.


Never worry about invoicing, payment processing or website management-we’ve got it covered!


Most commercial & residential clients recurring pickups


Get 1-on-1 support & 24/7 access to our online resource center.


Manage orders easily right from your smartphone.

Laundromat Requirements

Able to pickup and deliver orders to a client’s location is a reasonable timeframe.
Always customer-focused, courteous and willing to go the extra mile.
Able to consistently manage multiple routes, clients and order-specific preferences.
Dedicated to following through on commitments and meeting clients’ expectations.
Pays close attention to detail while processing and packaging orders.
Willing to adapt to schedule changes and client requests when necessary.

About Us

What is Laundry Care?

Wash & fold service at your door; Laundry Care connects local laundromats with households and businesses needing to outsource their laundry. We team up with laundromat owners like yourself to offer a convenient laundry solution within the community. Orders are funneled daily through our website and mobile App directly to our network of Providers.

Frequently Asked Questions

The first step is to submit an application and go thru our screening process. Once you’ve passed all screening steps the Onboarding process can begin.
The Supply Kit contains our nylon bags, which are essential to accurately measure Laundry Care orders. We’ve included some other, suggested supplies so you can try them out and see what works best for your process.
After passing the initial screening we will invite you to become a Provider. Upon acceptance, the onboarding process will begin.
The frequency and amount of orders will vary city-to-city. Our nationwide average is 20 orders per week
We do not offer exclusivity at this time.
Payment is sent electronically to your back. You can opt for payment after the delivery of every order or at the end of every week; payment is on-demand and determined by you.
All orders include pick up & delivery, with wash & fold being our most common request. Occasionally ironing and other less common services are made and handled on a case by case basis.
7 days a week, our Support team is ready and waiting to help you! In addition to our Support Agents we’ll also connect you with Providers in other cities through our private group.
85% of our clients find us by doing an online search. Our Marketing team is always hard at work to keep us visible on a local and national level. Any local marketing or connections you can make only help grow your client base more quickly. The sales team as well as our dedicated marketing page can also give you tips on how to make contacts and grow the number of orders offered to you.
Clients pay automatically through our website and mobile app so you never have to worry about collecting payment.

Current Locations

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