Before we get started, let's make sure you know...

You need to meet the basic requirements.

Please be sure to meet these minimum requirements for becoming a Laundry Care provider.

Must enjoy doing laundry
Must be at least 21 years of age
Must have a working washer & dryer
Must have a smartphone & internet access
Must have a reliable vehicle
Must have ZERO felony convictions
Must have flexible availability
Must be able to lift & carry 40+ pounds

Let's talk about your earning potential.

Most Laundry Care clients are charged a flat rate per bag*. A "bag" is equal in size to a white, 13 gallon, kitchen trash bag. Providers are typically paid $20 per bag.

*Large commercial client orders may be paid differently based on order size.

We have two supply kit options available, depending on whether you are joining an area we already service OR if you will be the first Provider in your area.

Having the proper supplies will set you up to successfully begin taking orders. Provide the best service possible with one of our two supply kits.

Supply Kit App Box 100$

Each supply will include these items:

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Clients can purchase these to collect dirty laundry for pickup. They hold the same amount as a standard 13-gallon kitchen trash bag.
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Attach these to each client's reusable bag for easy organization. Insert your business card and/or client's preferences.
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Use these clear poly bags to deliver clean, processed items. They can be used for both folded and hanging laundry- and help protect them from dirt, dust, weather, etc.
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Use this scale to weigh orders that require weighing after processing (for example, all Push Laundry Orders are charged per lb).
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Represent and promote your new venture in style! This is perfect for identifying yourself while on your route or spreading the word around town.
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Tips and tricks to navigate you though everything from sorting to detergents to reading garment care tags and much more.
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Offer these cards to your friends and family good for free laundry service to get your orders going and start you off on the right foot.

Kits for providers starting in a new location, will include these additional items:

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Pass these rack cards out to spread the word about laundry service available to business and local community members.
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Put this on the vehicle you use for pickups and deliveries laundry to identify yourself as a Laundry Care Provider.
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Laundry care will invest in online advertising specially targeted to potential clients within your service area.