Make Money from Home
Doing Laundry!


So, What Makes Us Different?


Earn the money you deserve and get paid every week


Choose your service area and accept clients nearby.


Make a schedule that fits around you and your lifestyle.


Exchange ideas with fellow Providers in our online forum.


We take care of all invoicing, payment processing and client sign-ups.


Most clients choose weekly or biweekly recurring service.


Get 1-on-1 support & 24/7 access to our online resource center.

Basic Requirements

What do our Providers say?

Don't just take our word for it! Here's what REAL Providers across the country have to say about their personal experiences working with Laundry Care.

  • Kitty C.

    Dallas, TX

    "I love being a provider with Laundry Care! It has given me the opportunity to work independently, set my own schedule, work from home and spend time with my family! After being a Provider for over a year and a half, I've grown my business with help from Laundry Care's awesome support team, as well as encouragement from the online Provider forum. It's even helped my family get out of debt and work toward buying our own home. Now, we even have extra money to do all the special activities that my children love to do. I couldn't ask for more out of my own business. I love it."

  • Carissa C.

    Vancouver, WA

    "Laundry Care has been a great experience for me personally. Since becoming a Provider, I have noticed that I'm learning some valuable life lessons in a new way. One is how to think on my feet. Another is how to communicate more effectively with people. I've always been a people person but I've definitely noticed these are two skills I've gotten better at during my time with them!"

  • Kurt R.

    Nashville, TN

    "Unlike a majority of the providers I was looking for a flexible second job that paid well. Laundry Care has provided me a flexible second income. I have the autonomy and responsibility of an owner/operator but the support of Laundry Care for accounting, marketing, supplies and support."

  • Patricia T.

    Chicago, IL Area

    "What I like about being a Laundry Care Provider is the flexibility to work from home doing what I do everyday anyway and get paid for it. I can attend school and sports activities for my son and not miss out on his special events. Everyone in the Home Office is very accessible and provides the extra support when needed.

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About Us

What is Laundry Care?

We're a nationwide network of laundry lovers, helping busy families, hardworking individuals and bustling businesses have more time and less stress. We offer our laundry Providers true independence, yet complete support under the Laundry Care brand name and access to our vast resources to grow and maintain their own business.

Frequently Asked Questions

Laundry Providers have the freedom and flexibility to manage their own schedule to achieve the perfect balance! They pick up laundry, return home to wash, dry, fold/ hang and return the client's clothes clean and ready to wear. Scheduling, accepting orders and getting paid is all done online.
The only cost to get started is your initial supply kit for $30. This includes 5 Laundry Care branded nylon bags, 10 clear garment covers and 5 plastic bag tags so you have all you need to take care of your first few clients.

Once you become and Active Laundry Care Provider, you will be responsible for covering the cost of your gas, detergent, laundry products etc. However, as an Independent Contractor, many of these expenses are tax deductible! Be sure to consult a tax professional if you have more questions.
Our Providers are Independent Contractors and are paid per bag of processed laundry. Each bag holds about 2-3 loads of laundry. Pay varies and depends on many factors such as Provider marketing and local demand for service. Most Providers average $100 - $200 weekly; Some earn $400 or more.

Payment for service completed each weekly pay period is issued via direct deposit the following Wednesday and typically arrives in your account within 1-3 days.
We take care of all the behind the scenes operations! Including customer inquires, new client sign ups, payment processing, service records along with access to our 24-7 resource center. You can be in business for yourself, not by yourself.
You’ll want to have all the basic laundry products on hand such as detergent, fabric softener, stain treatments and dryer sheets. Hangers and garment covers are also items that will keep your service looking professional.
A bonus of being and Independent Contractor is you manage your own schedule. We will need to re-assign your clients if you are unavailable but we recommend finding someone who can act as your backup. This is a way you can prevent clients being re-assigned to another Provider.
Yes! You set your service area where you are willing to travel. We match clients to Providers based on the service area.
Laundry Care does not withhold taxes from our Providers weekly paychecks. As Independent Contractors Laundry Care Providers are responsible for filing their own taxes. Those who earn above a certain amount will receive a 1099 from Laundry Care.

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