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Consistent Work

Most clients choose weekly or biweekly recurring service.

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Support Staff

Get 1-on-1 support & 24/7 access to our online resource center.

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Growth Opportunites

Reach your income goals and achieve professional growth.

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Community Culture

Exchange ideas with fellow Providers in our online forum.


What sets us apart from gig work and why our providers love working with Laundry Care.

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Stress-Free Environment

We take care of all invoicing, payment processing and sign-ups.

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Quick Payment

Earn the money you deserve and get paid every week.

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Work Remotely

Accept and manage orders easily right from your smart phone.

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Freedom & Flexibility

Develop a business that allows you to maintain the life you want. 

Basic Qualifications

What sets us apart from gig work and why our providers love working with Laundry Care.

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Basic Laundry Equipment

Functional washer, dryer, iron and available folding space. 

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Reliable Vehicle

Ability to pick up and deliver laundry with daytime availability.

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Professional Attitude

Always customer-focused, courteous and willing to go the extra mile.

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Willing and able to pay close attention to detail while processing & packaging orders.

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Smartphone & Internet Access

Our Provider app requires a data plan and internet access.

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Well Organized

Ability to manage multiple routes, clients and order-specific preferences.

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Flexible Schedule

Willing to adapt to schedule changes and client requests when necessary.

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Dedicated to meeting clients’ expectations and following through on commitments.

What is Laundry Care?

We're a nationwide network of laundry professionals, helping busy families, hardworking individuals and bustling businesses have more time and less stress. We help the communities that you are in with a much needed service while helping you to start your career as a laundry Professional. We offer our Partners, collaboration and complete support under the Laundry Care brand name. You’ll have access to our vast resources to grow and maintain their own business. You don’t have to do this alone, together we can reach our true potential. 

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What Do Our Providers Have to Say?

Don't just take our word for it! Here's what REAL Providers across the country have to say about their personal experiences working with Laundry Care.


"I love being a provider with Laundry Care! It has given me the opportunity to work independently, set my own schedule, work from home and spend time with my family! After being a Provider for over a year and a half, I've grown my business with help from Laundry Care's awesome support team, as well as encouragement from the online Provider forum. It's even helped my family get out of debt and work toward buying our own home. Now, we even have extra money to do all the special activities that my children love to do. I couldn't ask for more out of my own business. I love it."

   -Amber (Dallas, TX)

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